Building a Foundation

I’ve come to another disturbing realization in my studies of the True Nature of Reality. People like me, the higher Vibrational Frequencies, the thinner air molecules, are supported, lifted up, by the lower Vibrations, the more dense particles. Heat, which is simply higher/faster vibration, rises, pushed up by colder/lower/slower Vibrations. In much the same way that those who currently hold power in conventional society (who are predominantly lower Vibrations) are supported by the poor, the working class, the downtrodden. So it would therefor be hypocritical of me to be unappreciative of them, as they are so unappreciative of those who they survive on the backs of.

Don’t be greedy is a common mantra. But as I’ve said, when I was confronted with the choice that must be made within the conflicted ego between consistency, and more, I chose more, and I stand by that choice. And it occurs to me, how high might I rise, on the backs of the lower Vibrations, if I in turn, helped them rise, as a token of appreciation for their support? And perhaps they could take a lesson from me. How high might they rise in the world of politics and finances, if they helped those who support them rise? There is no such thing as winning at the expense of someone else. When you even try, everyone loses, including you, as has been evidenced by the state of the world over the last few millenia. The most effective way to truly succeed, is to succeed in such a way that everyone else shares in your success. “Win, by letting/helping everyone else win.” (“Strength Through Unity”) “Conquer through love/acceptance/peace. That is the way.” (“Compare and Contrast”)


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